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Emotions Can Drive Poor Investing Results

Nobody ever got on a roller-coaster expecting a level ride. It’s the same with investing, but the way our brains are hard-wired can cause us to make emotional decisions about our money at precisely the wrong moments. Many investors tend to "buy high" and "sell low."

A 2016 study by DALBAR found that, while the S&P 500 returned 8.19% over the past 20 years, average stock investors earned only 4.67%, primarily because they tried to outsmart the market but kept getting in and out at the wrong times.

While "Protect" doesn't constitute a guarantee nor is it a promise never to incur market losses, we help—we "protect"—by counseling investors in turbulent markets so as to avoid emotional mistakes. Patience, discipline and working with an experienced Financial Advisor can help protect your plan.


“Time to buy” “This is only temporary” “Time to sell” “Time to re-evaluate” Greatest Potential Risk Greatest Potential Opportunity OptimisticExcitedElatedConcernedNervousAlarmedFrightenedRelievedOptimistic For illustration purposes only.

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