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Our Company

Precision Wealth Advisors, LLC is a Colorado based boutique style financial services firm, being built upon a foundation of four pillars: Knowledge, Integrity, Honesty, and Transparency. We believe these to be imperative. With the necessary industry Knowledge, we are able to conduct business professionally, Integrity assures our clients' interests will be put first, Honesty creates the basis for all valued relationships, Transparency brings a refreshing clarity to our financial advice, and together these pillars establish our reason for existing – helping our clients achieve their goals.

We strive daily to incorporate these principles into each client and business decision we make. We count it a privilege to serve both advisors and investors inside a culture that promotes true professionalism.

Our Expertise

The company’s Founder and Branch Manager, Mark Jacobberger, having spent over three decades in the financial services industry, uses his experience to serve and assist both our financial advisors and a limited, select group of investors and policyholders. His primary roles are to help his investor clients reach their financial goals and to share strategies that help our advisors assist their clients and ultimately grow their business.

When you meet with one of our advisors, be assured that each advisor has agreed to and signed off on our Code of Ethics and our Client Bill of Rights before becoming a part of our organization. Additionally, every PWA advisor has years of experience in the financial services industry. We do not affiliate with new or inexperienced financial advisors. We follow this practice from a logical and practical standpoint – to uphold our first pillar of possessing industry Knowledge.

Precision Wealth Advisors reserves the right to select and work with clientele that fit our client profile. Each advisor incorporates their own minimum account size. All investors can and will determine who they are comfortable with when it comes to selecting a financial advisor. Our desire is to match well and create a client-advisor relationship that endures and is valued by both parties.