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How Our Investment Strategies Work For You

Imagine - being offered an investment eco-system that is designed to capture greater upside when markets are rising, yet minimize downside risk when markets get rough, without the use of costly derivatives or options. These commonly used management tools often cause a portfolio's return to lag well behind the market. Imagine for your sake - the financial markets being monitored, for big economic and/or current market changes that provide your PWA investment team the timely signals to reduce risk or increase equity exposure.

When current markets, big economic data, or geopolitical issues create negative volatility, we reduce portfolio risk by changing the weightings of both stocks and bonds, actively trading your account. We can and will go to all cash or short-term treasuries if the current market or big economic data upset is large enough to warrant the move. This protective strategy is simply absent with passive investing, nor can it be done with mutual fund managers, by prospectus. Yet this is exactly what is needed when a financial crisis like 2008 takes place. * The DALBAR QUIB: Emotions Can Drive Poor Investing Results - 2008.

Your Precision Wealth Advisor takes advantage of sophisticated, yet low cost, investment strategies that characteristically are utilized with high net worth individuals or institutions. Cutting edge mathematical algorithms provide PWA precise trading signals when changes in your portfolio are needed. We remove the emotional hunches or guessing when trading - emotion that even professional fund managers may succumb to in rough markets.