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In-House Trading and Management

Precision Smart Portfolios are actively traded by our local Branch Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction. You can visit the office at any time, ask questions and we will provide satisfying answers. Our local reputation is on the line and we don’t trade based on emotion, but on solutions that look closely at big economic and market data as triggers to alter the investment mix.

Eliminating Costly Portfolio Drag

Expensive derivatives, options, and inverse funds are often purchased to mitigate risk to the downside in many investment portfolios today. While this strategy can work to some degree, it also creates a “cost drag” on portfolio returns. We often hear the question “why is my portfolio lagging so far behind the market?” These expenses are often the cause.

Reducing Trading Costs

Over-trading or “turnover” is a common practice in our industry, which can create significant internal costs. Conversely, we reduce trading, which reduces costs that are subtracted, often unnoticed, from the investors total return.

Global Diversification

Today approximately 50% of the world’s gross domestic product is generated outside the US. therefore, international and emerging markets need to be captured and used in every portfolio. Lower risk profiles will have lower percentages in these market areas.

Minimizing Downside Capture

When the underlying indices were back tested using the current mathematical and technical algorithms, the downside of the financial crisis was almost completely avoided. Out of the market entirely by December 1, 2007 and back in at the end of May 2009. While the past does not guarantee the future results, we believe this strategy is the future for a better investment experience.

We Are Also Invested

Precision Wealth Advisors have their own money invested in the exact same place, with the exact same portfolios, for the exact same reasons: lower overall costs, excellent potential upside market capture, while minimizing downside capture. We also rely on removing emotional trading and the constant guessing of how the market might behave.

Increasing Upside Market Capture

We solve the “portfolio drag” problem by employing no-cost mathematical algorithms that provide trade signals when big economic or market data change for the worse. Yet trades take place only when significant, longer-term market changes occur to avoid the “whipsawing” of our portfolios. This allows Precision Smart Portfolios to capture the upside, unhindered in rising healthy markets.

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