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The Precision Advantage Strategies

How We Reduce Overall Costs

Does your current advisor outsource management and the trading of your account to distant 3rd Party Money Manager? We reduce client costs by eliminating this costly 3rd party manager. If your current advisor does trade or manage your account, what mechanisms are being utilized and what are the costs associated with those strategies? It is a good and reasonable question to ask! We eliminate these costs, having brought the trading, the managing of your assets “in house”.  We monitor possible account changes on a weekly basis, based on big economic data, current market data and many other factors that influence the marketplace – the cost to do this is borne by our Firm.

How We Increase Upside Market Capture

When costly mechanisms and/or the sometimes, high turnover of stocks and bonds within the portfolio are removed, much of the “drag” (reduced return), on your portfolio is removed as well. However, to capture more of the markets upside, employing “elastic walls” in the core of your portfolio is unique and can be a highly successful strategy. Increasing stock percentages when big economic data warrants the move, yet also decreasing stocks percentages when the market retreats in momentum and other factors, is key to capturing more of the upside. Advisors have no influence on when or how often trading may take place inside a typical Mutual Fund, nor do they have influence over a 3rd Party Managers trading decisions. We largely eliminate the portfolio drag that is typically experienced through reducing internal costs, but that’s only half the story. We increase upside market capture by dynamically increasing or decreasing stocks in real time, as the market changes.

How We Minimize Downside Market Risk

In the last 100 years, market data, account trading, and the associated technology has improved almost beyond our imagination. “Money or fund Managers” (based on emotion and/or market news), often make the same human mistakes that individual investors make. They too get nervous about market highs, potential market corrections and sometimes succumb to these concerns with untimely mistakes. While these kind of mistakes are understandable from a human perspective, it ends up costing you. Why not minimize downside market risk using sophisticated mathematical technology. Call us for an appointment, we will explain and you can decide: 855-219-7122.